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federal criminal charges Archives

Are marijuana arrests increasing?

In recent years, public support for the legalization of marijuana, recreationally and/or medically, has grown considerably. States have passed laws legalizing it to varying degrees, including Pennsylvania, and people are generally more comfortable discussing or engaging in casual or medicinal use.

Can police stop a motorist for making obscene gestures?

Many drivers can relate to a situation one man in another state was in a couple years ago. He had a long history with law enforcement agents in the county, and was known for annoying county court staff members with emails and letters. After one occasion of filing court documents, the man was leaving with his sister when he noted several police officers getting in their cars behind him.

Police departments across US adopting new lineup procedures

In previous posts on this blog, we have discussed some of the deeply flawed procedures and elements of the legal system that contribute to issues like wrongful convictions and overly harsh penalties. One such procedure is the use of lineups as a means of identifying alleged offenders.

US Supreme Court makes ruling on privacy and cellphones

Our cellphones contain incredible amounts of data, much of which we consider to be private. As such, many people set up passwords, opt for added verification measures and use their fingerprint to unlock their phones. We take these precautions so that others can't access our information without permission.

3 factors that can increase chances of prosecution for tax crimes

Tax Day is here and people are scrambling to submit their returns to avoid the hefty penalties of not filing on time. However, tax-related issues could still plague people long after this deadline, especially for someone accused of tax evasion or fraud.

Rebuilding life after a conviction difficult, not impossible

Any person facing criminal charges should take their situation -- and their defense -- seriously. There are numerous consequences that a person could face if their case ends with a conviction, and these consequences continue after you fulfill the terms of a sentence, too. 

Key differences between federal and state criminal court

Even if they've had the misfortune of being charged with a crime previously, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, residents who are facing charges in federal criminal court for the first time need to be aware of some important differences in the way that system works.

Sessions announces plans to target drug cartel

Ever since a war was declared on drugs in the U.S., drug-related crimes have been among the most aggressively prosecuted crimes on both the state and federal levels. There seems to be no end in sight, either.

Report: Restitution often ordered, often unpaid

If you are arrested and charged with a financial crime, then you are likely going to be facing severe penalties in federal court. One of the many penalties you could be facing in this situation is an order for restitution.

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