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The statute of limitations may apply to your criminal charges

Every state has its own laws regarding criminal actions. These are not always the same as federal laws, and people who commit crimes may be charged with state and federal charges depending on the case.

What can people accused of selling cocaine face in Pennsylvania?

Being accused of cocaine crimes in Pennsylvania can expose a person to serious potential penalties. The potential consequences can be particularly harsh if a person is accused of having sold cocaine.

Beware: Halloween criminal offenses can haunt you for years

While trick-or-treaters may not be coming until next week, Halloween celebrations are already underway across Pennsylvania. This weekend in particular can serve as the perfect time for kids and young adults to engage in Halloween hijinks.

More changes coming to Pennsylvania marijuana penalties

In recent years, the legal landscape around marijuana and marijuana-related crimes has changed considerably in this state and many others in the U.S. With such sweeping changes in policies and attitudes, many people argue that law enforcement needs to make similar changes.

Avoiding probation violations critical in Pennsylvania

A criminal conviction is devastating. It can mean jail time, a lengthy prison sentence, fines and other penalties that affect a person's family, finances and future. Even if a person receives probation as part of a sentence, it can be quite some time before he or she can put the unfortunate situation behind them.

Study suggests bail judges biased against black defendants

Getting arrested can be a traumatic, upsetting experience for anyone. Most people hope that at the very least, the judge will release them on their own recognizance or they can make bail and go home while they wait for upcoming hearings. Going home can give people valuable time and opportunity to be with their families and take steps to improve their situation.

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