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Avoiding probation violations critical in Pennsylvania

A criminal conviction is devastating. It can mean jail time, a lengthy prison sentence, fines and other penalties that affect a person's family, finances and future. Even if a person receives probation as part of a sentence, it can be quite some time before he or she can put the unfortunate situation behind them.

Study suggests bail judges biased against black defendants

Getting arrested can be a traumatic, upsetting experience for anyone. Most people hope that at the very least, the judge will release them on their own recognizance or they can make bail and go home while they wait for upcoming hearings. Going home can give people valuable time and opportunity to be with their families and take steps to improve their situation.

Don't underestimate the toll of criminal charges in Pennsylvania

When people make a small mistake or seemingly harmless bad decision, they typically don't expect it to haunt them months or years later. Unfortunately, that can and does happen when that misstep is a criminal offense. 

Should parents be penalized for their child's misconduct?

Bullying is an issue we are reading about more and more. In all its forms, bullying can be emotionally damaging and physically harmful to an alleged victim. As such, people can face criminal charges for offenses including harassment, hazing and cyberbullying in Pennsylvania. 

Changes to Philadelphia bail process for low-level offenses

Being accused of a criminal offense, no matter how minor it may be, can cause serious problems for people in this situation for many reasons. One reason is the possibility of having to stay in jail until a trial if you cannot afford bail.

Sessions changes federal policy on marijuana enforcement

Recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded a previous policy that allowed people in states where it is legal to purchase, sell and use marijuana largely without worrying about federal prosecution.

Challenging drug charges can include challenging substance

When people think about drug charges, they often expect these cases to involve marijuana, heroin, cocaine or illegal prescription drugs. However, there are people who have faced drug charges for substances that are neither drugs nor illegal.

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