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Facing criminal charges of any kind can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for young college students. When there are allegations and charges against you that could impact your future, you would be wise to take quick action to fight back and shield yourself from long-term consequences. At Campana, Hoffa & Morrone, P.C., we can provide the support, guidance and defense counsel you need.

Our attorneys work diligently to defend people in Pennsylvania facing various types of criminal allegations. If you are in college and facing charges, or you are a parent seeking to protect your child, we can help. Starting with a thorough evaluation of your case, we take the time to address your specific concerns and develop a defense strategy specifically tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Answers To Common Questions

It is normal to have various questions and concerns when facing criminal charges. We take great pride in offering personal service, which means you can get direct and knowledgeable answers from an experienced lawyer who genuinely cares about your future success. Some common questions college students may have when facing criminal charges include the following:

  • Will I face expulsion for underage drinking? In some cases, criminal charges can affect your college career. A conviction for drinking under 21 could lead to removal from school or expulsion from certain school programs.
  • What penalties will I face for possession of a controlled substance? Depending on your criminal history, this crime could result in expensive fines and time behind bars. It could also result in removal from school.
  • Should I hire a local attorney if my child is facing charges? There is significant benefit in having a local attorney for your child. We know the local judges and criminal justice system, and we understand what it takes to effectively defend your child.
  • Can campus police or a landlord search my dorm? Some dorm and landlord agreements grant search permission to authorities if they believe it is necessary. We can review your agreement and determine if they violated your rights in any way.

You deserve to have a complete explanation of your rights and options when facing criminal charges of any kind. Our lawyers provide skilled defense representation to students at any campus in the Williamsport area and throughout central Pennsylvania.

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