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Consideration factors when awarding custody to spouses

You and your spouse make the difficult decision to end your marriage through the Pennsylvania divorce process. You have children together, and it is incredibly important for you to understand how a judge will determine custody rights for you and your spouse. Determining custody constitutes an important decision in your and your spouse's lives as a separated couple, yet the most affected parties will be your children.

How are assets divided in a Pennsylvania divorce?

Dividing assets in a divorce can be one of the most contentious elements of this process. People want to feel like their settlement is fair and reflects what they feel they deserve, but divorcing spouses can have very different opinions on what is fair and what the other person deserves.

Waiting to file for divorce may not be wise

With well over half the year behind us and just a few weeks until we are barraged with demands of the holidays, this can be a good time to stop and think about what you want in the coming year. For some people, this means thinking seriously about filing for divorce.

What factors do courts consider before awarding custody?

Custody disputes can be among the most contentious and upsetting issues in family law. Not only can parents feel scared and angry about sharing (or possibly losing) custody of their children, but children can also feel frightened by such changes.

My ex earns a lot of money: Will I collect alimony?

It is said that money cannot buy happiness, and affluent couples going through a divorce probably appreciate this as much as anyone else. In fact, in many ways, money can complicate a divorce because there is more at stake.

What happens to pets in a Pennsylvania divorce?

Affluent couples face a number of challenges when it comes to divorce, particularly with regard to the property division process. Because there may be a lot of money and pricey assets on the line, this step can be highly contentious and complicated.

Is my prenuptial agreement valid?

It is becoming increasingly common for couples to sign prenuptial agreements today. While there has historically been a sense of mystery and exclusivity that accompanied these legal tools, couples today recognize the value of protecting themselves with a prenup, even if they aren't celebrities and don't have millions of dollars.

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