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Advocating For Injury Victims


At Campana, Hoffa & Morrone, P.C., we take cases in which one party has been seriously injured because another party has been careless, reckless or negligent. It is a unique area of law because it allows people of modest means to file suit against large insurance companies. When their cases are strong, they win. Best of all, they do so at no risk — personal injury lawyers do not accept payment from clients until they produce a good outcome for them.

Representing Car Accident Victims

These are the broad areas our lawyers file claims in, with a few examples of each type:

  • Motor vehicle collisions — involving cars, commercial or semi-trucks and motorcycles
  • Slip-and-fall accidents — caused by loose railings, poorly lit parking lots and icy sidewalks
  • Medical malpractice — surgical errors, birth injuries and prescription errors
  • Nursing home abuse — medication errors, financial abuse and bedsores
  • Defective products — pharmaceuticals, defective tires and inadequate instructions
  • Wrongful death suits — loss of a parent, sibling or child due to negligence

If you have been hurt recently or lost someone you love in any of these situations, you should talk to a personal injury lawyer at Campana, Hoffa & Morrone, P.C. We explain how the process works, and get to work preparing a case that has the best chance for a positive result.

Discuss Your Case With An Experienced Lawyer

Injured by a negligent act? Call the Williamsport personal injury attorneys at Campana, Hoffa & Morrone, P.C., at 570-279-4163 or describe your situation using our online contact form. We offer free consultations.