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Robert Hoffa Has Been Nominated and Accepted as a 2017 AIOCLA'S 10 Best in Pennsylvania For Client Satisfaction

The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Pennsylvania's Criminal Law Attorney Robert Hoffa as 2017 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys for Client Satisfaction.

Marijuana offenses could put an end to your college career

Social attitudes around marijuana have changed rapidly in recent years. That means that fewer people consider marijuana use a serious offense. That, in turn, may result in more people experimenting with the drug. Most of the time, moderate recreational use isn't of any serious concern. It's normal for young people and adults to experiment with marijuana and alcohol. Unfortunately, there can be life-altering consequences if you get caught with marijuana.

When might your prenuptial agreement be invalid?

You fell in love with someone, and there was a serious discrepancy in income or assets. When you decided to marry, you both agreed to execute a prenuptial agreement. These documents typically provide specific terms for asset division during a divorce. Some may go so far as to address child custody as well, if the couple intends to start a family.

Were you injured at a music festival or concert?

It's summertime, which means that we are in full swing of music festival season. While the opportunity to see many of your favorite artists in one place (and hopefully discover some new favorites) is an amazing feature of the festival experience, these events also hold tremendous potential for serious injury.

Drug possession: What you need to do to defend yourself

You didn't know there were drugs in your possession. You took your friends out for the evening in your vehicle, and one of them must have left a bag of drugs behind. You're not an addict, and you don't take drugs yourself, but the amount that was left on the passenger side of your vehicle was enough that the police noticed it when they pulled you over for speeding.

3 causes of summer car crashes

Summer is here, and that means more people will be on the roads in Pennsylvania. There are beautiful, scenic routes to enjoy, and those heading from the Canadian border to the south or from New England to the Midwest have to pass through the state in most cases.

Understanding Pennsylvania’s options for auto insurance coverage

It’s common for drivers to shop around and look into different auto insurance carriers to find the best rate possible. Did you know that drivers in Pennsylvania have more options when it comes to coverage compared with people in other states?

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