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September 2017 Archives

5 questions to ask before petitioning for spousal support

One of the main concerns people have during their divorce is whether they will be financially secure when the divorce is finalized. They worry about how they will pay their rent or mortgage, their medical bills, childcare expenses and car payments. They also think about what types adjustments they will have to make to their lifestyle.

3 reasons to have representation when facing federal drug charges

If you have recently been accused of a crime, you are in a very difficult position. This is especially true if you are facing federal charges. You need to take your situation seriously and act fast to protect yourself and your rights.

Marijuana offenses could put an end to your college career

Social attitudes around marijuana have changed rapidly in recent years. That means that fewer people consider marijuana use a serious offense. That, in turn, may result in more people experimenting with the drug. Most of the time, moderate recreational use isn't of any serious concern. It's normal for young people and adults to experiment with marijuana and alcohol. Unfortunately, there can be life-altering consequences if you get caught with marijuana.

Why you shouldn't call your crash an 'accident'

If you are recovering from a recent collision with a car, chances are that you tell doctors, employers and your friends and family that you were in a car accident. This is the phrase most people use when they describe this devastating event.

Is it ever okay to hide assets during a divorce?

The answer to the question in this headline is no. There are not circumstances under which it is wise to hide or otherwise misrepresent your assets or liabilities during a divorce. In fact, doing so could result in severe legal ramifications.

Distracted driving can turn deadly in the blink of an eye

Imagine you are driving down a busy street. There are cars around you, bicyclists next to you and people crossing the street at an intersection ahead. Now imagine closing your eyes, taking your hands off the wheel and driving through this same area.

What you need to know if you are sentenced to probation

No one wants to spend time in jail or prison, and minimizing any period of incarceration if you are convicted of a criminal offense can be your top priority. Receiving probation in lieu of jail time can therefore come as a considerable relief to anyone in this situation.

Is all my property eligible for division in my divorce?

One of the first things people start worrying about after filing for divorce is how the divorce will affect them financially. This is understandable, as the financial toll of dividing assets can prove to be considerable, especially if there is a lot of money and property on the line.

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