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Facing criminal charges? Avoid social media use

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | criminal law | 0 comments

When there are criminal charges hanging over your head, you might feel as though someone is scrutinizing your every action. Unfortunately, it very likely is the case that the prosecution is watching not only your comings and goings but also your social media activity for any signs of implication.

It is good practice to not only avoid talking about your case but also to avoid using social media altogether when facing criminal charges. Once you understand how the prosecution can use social media against you, it will be clear how best to proceed until your case concludes.

Your posts can serve as evidence against you

The American Sociological Association explains that social media constantly presents new possibilities in the field of criminal evidence. The prosecution can scour any photos you share or are tagged in for signs of evidence. The timing and wording of your posts might also contradict your alibis or serve as an accidental confession.

Your friends might implicate you

Posts made by your friends, followers or individuals in your extended social circle can also act against you. Someone might talk about your location on the night of a crime or unknowingly implicate you in a criminal conspiracy. You cannot control what others post, but being present on social media can invite others to interact with you during a time when less is more.

Social media is an integral part of everyday life for so many people. It can take effort to break the habit of logging onto your account throughout the day, but doing so can help ensure the best possible outcome during a criminal defense case.