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December 2017 Archives

Key differences between federal and state criminal court

Even if they've had the misfortune of being charged with a crime previously, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, residents who are facing charges in federal criminal court for the first time need to be aware of some important differences in the way that system works.

Rear-end collisions and the extensive damage they cause

Imagine you are driving home from work, ready to start the weekend. The traffic is getting heavier and the traffic ahead slows significantly. You slow down and are thinking about your plans tonight when suddenly, someone smashes into the back of your car. Instead of going to dinner, you end up going to the hospital.

Meeting with a personal injury lawyer? Do this to prepare

Imagine driving through Williamsport. It's Monday morning and you are running a bit early for work. Early enough that you have time to stop by your favorite cafe and pick up a coffee and bagel. You slow down and turn your blinker on to make the right turn into the cafe's parking lot that is about a block away.

Heading for divorce? Here are 3 ways to value the house

There is no way around it, divorce is complicated. This is especially true when you have high-value complex assets. It might take weeks or months to assess certain property to assign it an appropriate value. For example, if you own certain antiques, it might take time to find an appraiser who specializes in the particular types that are part of your marital property. However, some items might be easier to assess.

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