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March 2018 Archives

Should parents be penalized for their child's misconduct?

Bullying is an issue we are reading about more and more. In all its forms, bullying can be emotionally damaging and physically harmful to an alleged victim. As such, people can face criminal charges for offenses including harassment, hazing and cyberbullying in Pennsylvania. 

What happens with your marital home in a Pennsylvania divorce?

Divorce is different in every state, and each couple's divorce is inherently unique. That means that there is no simple, straightforward answer for the majority of concerns about the divorce process. When it comes to something as complex as how the courts handle your home, it's generally impossible to predict the exact outcome of court-based divorces. Just because you've heard a story about one divorce doesn't mean that your outcome will be the same.

Don't rely on luck to avoid drunk driving accidents this weekend

This year, St. Patrick's Day falls on a weekend, which means countless people across Pennsylvania will be taking the opportunity to celebrate. For many, this means donning green and enjoying at least a few green alcoholic beverages.

Popular synthetic drugs are as illegal as the real thing

In the last decade, many new designer and synthetic drugs have seen a rise in popularity. Herbal incense, also called K2 or Spice, as well as bath salts, Flakka and Molly have all become sought-after products. Many companies have intentionally mislead consumers to believe these substances are actually legal, unlike the banned substances they mimic. The fact that many of them do not turn up in standard drug tests only worsened this perception.

What happens to pets in a Pennsylvania divorce?

Affluent couples face a number of challenges when it comes to divorce, particularly with regard to the property division process. Because there may be a lot of money and pricey assets on the line, this step can be highly contentious and complicated.

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