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October 2017 Archives

Sessions announces plans to target drug cartel

Ever since a war was declared on drugs in the U.S., drug-related crimes have been among the most aggressively prosecuted crimes on both the state and federal levels. There seems to be no end in sight, either.

What constitutes an 'equitable' distribution of assets?

When couples divorce, the process of dividing assets can be the greatest obstacle they need to overcome. This is particularly true if there are significant assets at stake.

Preparing for the dangers of wet weather driving

Summer is now officially behind us and winter is right around the corner, which means that the next several weeks may seem uneventful in terms of Pennsylvania weather. However, fall does come with some weather-related hazards of which drivers must be aware.

What kind of custody can Pennsylvania courts award?

There is a reason why many people refer to custody disputes as battles; they can be painful, scary and upsetting for any parent. In some cases, you can minimize the contention and conflict by resolving custody matters outside of court through mediation.

Robert Hoffa Has Been Nominated and Accepted as a 2017 AIOCLA'S 10 Best in Pennsylvania For Client Satisfaction

The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Pennsylvania's Criminal Law Attorney Robert Hoffa as 2017 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys for Client Satisfaction.

Wrong place, wrong time on Halloween? There is hope

It happens. Maybe a Halloween prank got out of hand, or you were positive a friend owned the speakers they gave you for spooky sound effects. Perhaps you went to a costume party and left with the wrong bag, coat or cell phone. Out of the blue, you’re accused of a property crime and facing theft charges.

Report: Restitution often ordered, often unpaid

If you are arrested and charged with a financial crime, then you are likely going to be facing severe penalties in federal court. One of the many penalties you could be facing in this situation is an order for restitution.

Could drinking some water make you a safer driver?

Every driver knows a number of dangerous behaviors can lead to crashes. Some of the most common dangerous behaviors include driving while distracted, drunk driving and driving while drowsy. In response, drivers across Pennsylvania are regularly urged to put their phones down, arrange a sober ride home and pull over if they feel tired.

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