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June 2018 Archives

US Supreme Court makes ruling on privacy and cellphones

Our cellphones contain incredible amounts of data, much of which we consider to be private. As such, many people set up passwords, opt for added verification measures and use their fingerprint to unlock their phones. We take these precautions so that others can't access our information without permission.

Driving while tired can be as dangerous as driving drunk

Most people know that distracted and impaired drivers are a serious source of risk on the road. Studies show that an increasing number of people indulge in unnecessary distractions while driving motor vehicles, including using mobile devices. However, another risk factor that far too many people overlook when it comes to traffic safety is the danger of driving while fatigued.

Cognitive distraction and the myth of multitasking

Odds are you have heard someone say they're good at multitasking. Maybe it was a coworker who often answers the phone while sending emails or going over the monthly budget. Maybe it was a study partner in college who liked to text, browse the internet and study two or three subjects simultaneously.

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