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Is alimony guaranteed in a Pennsylvania divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | family law | 0 comments

The question of alimony resulting from a divorce is a sensitive topic. Even so, it bears examination each time a marriage dissolves.

Alimony for a divorce in Pennsylvania falls into a trio of categories. Their definitions hinge on the status of the process.

What are the three types of alimony in Pennsylvania?

Spousal support is financial aid before divorce reaches finalization but after separation. Courts examine circumstances surrounding a terminating union to determine the amount of payment.

If a divorce is currently pending, a spouse may receive what the law calls alimony pendente light. This supports the current level of lifestyle while the divorce process unfolds. For approval to happen, one of the parties must file a petition that justifies a court granting it.

Alimony refers to the financial support a judge sets once a divorce becomes final. To arrive at this figure and how long it lasts, courts examine 17 factors in every relationship. Examples of these factors include spousal earnings, length of the marriage, and relative needs. Such thoroughness helps assure courtrooms deliver the fairest rulings possible.

When is alimony mandatory in Pennsylvania?

No laws state that any classification of alimony in Pennsylvania is automatic. The determination of how much money one partner gets comes down to a judge. Courtroom marriage assessments vary widely depending on the presentation of facts. Professionals with divorce court knowledge deliver strong cases favoring their clients.

Alimony is never a rule for divorcing couples that live in Pennsylvania. That said, alimony of all styles is common with divorce everywhere. Seek counsel that can fight for you in this arena.