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February 2018 Archives

Changes to Philadelphia bail process for low-level offenses

Being accused of a criminal offense, no matter how minor it may be, can cause serious problems for people in this situation for many reasons. One reason is the possibility of having to stay in jail until a trial if you cannot afford bail.

Driving high: Marijuana use puts drivers in danger

In a recent post on this blog, we discussed the fact that marijuana laws are changing across the country. While recreational use is still illegal in Pennsylvania and on the federal level, the state does allow people to legally use medical marijuana. Other states have also made all marijuana use legal.

Marijuana laws: Changing but still illegal in Pennsylvania

The laws surrounding the use of marijuana are changing in the United States, but they're not the same everywhere you go. Federally, marijuana is still illegal to possess, sell or distribute. Each state determines if it will or will not allow marijuana use at the recreational level. Some states allow only for prescription use.

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