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Understanding Pennsylvania’s options for auto insurance coverage

On Behalf of | May 18, 2017 | car accidents |

It’s common for drivers to shop around and look into different auto insurance carriers to find the best rate possible. Did you know that drivers in Pennsylvania have more options when it comes to coverage compared with people in other states?

If you live in Pennsylvania and conducted your own research into insurance rates, you likely came across two options: Full and limited tort. What is the difference?

Unfortunately for many accident victims, choosing limited tort insurance can be a costly mistake. The appeal of limited tort insurance is lower rates. It might save you money, but do you really understand the limitations on the insurance coverage under that option? What if the price you might pay down the road after an accident isn’t worth it?

Limited tort insurance restricts the financial compensation you can seek in a lawsuit after a motor vehicle accident. While you may be able to recover the cost of your medical expenses, those restrictions do not allow an individual or their families to sue for pain and suffering unless the injury fits the insurance carrier’s definition of “serious.”

Limited vs. Full Tort – Which should drivers choose for insurance?

Personal injury lawyers have seen many people suffer because of this common insurance misstep.

Maybe you made a limited tort selection for insurance coverage and pushed it to the back of your mind, knowing it could be risky. You decided to move on and figure it out later when you have more time.

Accidents, especially in an age of distracted driving, happen frequently. You may want to believe that you or your family will never suffer injuries in a crash. But the truth is, no one can know for sure. Do you want to take that chance? Full tort insurance will protect you if you are ever a victim of a car accident.

What do you find most challenging about auto insurance options and the law in Pennsylvania?