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Proposed recommendations could make motorcycles safety

No one wants to get into a motor vehicle accident. And despite the fact that motorcyclists are often thought of as risk-takers, they are no different. Everyone wants to get from point A to point B safely, whether they get there in a car or on a bike.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists have the highest risk of dying in a crash than any other type of motorist. With this in mind, the National Transportation Safety Board has made recommendations that could make motorcycles -- and the people who ride them -- safer.

Can I pursue damages if I wasn't wearing a motorcycle helmet?

Failure to wear a motorcycle helmet could negatively affect a motorcyclist's claim for financial damages after a serious accident in some cases, but it will not defeat his or her right to recover compensation. Meanwhile, in other cases, it will not have a negative effect.

Determining whether the lack of helmet use will be a limiting factor in a particular lawsuit is a question of the (1) characteristics of the motorcyclist, (2) the nature of the accident and (3) the types of injuries suffered by the motorcyclist.

Should you help your child fight drug possession charges?

As a parent of a college student, you surely want the best for your child, but it is often difficult to know when to let them deal with their own problems as a fledgling adult, and when to lend a hand to keep them on a productive path. In some form or fashion, all parents deal with this struggle as their children leave the nest and spread their wings, whether for college or other opportunities.

The situation is much different, however, when a child receives drug possession charges, especially if they are a student. While it is certainly up to each parent to decide what is best for their child in their particular circumstances, drug possession charges pose a serious threat to the future of any young person. If you are deliberating over whether to help your child fight drug charges, consider just how disastrous a conviction can be.

Supplemental driving program could keep teen drivers safer

Teenagers take risks and break rules, no matter how hard parents try to dissuade and educate them. These attempts to test boundaries and act out are a part of maturing. In many cases, they are relatively harmless. However, these unsafe behaviors while driving could have a permanent, life-changing impact on teens and those who share the road with them.

To prevent this, programs like this one are attempting to reach teens in new and powerful ways.

Can police stop a motorist for making obscene gestures?

Many drivers can relate to a situation one man in another state was in a couple years ago. He had a long history with law enforcement agents in the county, and was known for annoying county court staff members with emails and letters. After one occasion of filing court documents, the man was leaving with his sister when he noted several police officers getting in their cars behind him.

As the man rode off in his sister's car, he extended his middle finger and flipped off the officers from the passenger side window. He was promptly pulled over. 

Waiting to file for divorce may not be wise

With well over half the year behind us and just a few weeks until we are barraged with demands of the holidays, this can be a good time to stop and think about what you want in the coming year. For some people, this means thinking seriously about filing for divorce.

Of course, you should not rush to or through divorce. It is serious emotional and legal process that demands careful consideration and lawfully sound solutions. That said, if you are considering divorce and find yourself putting it off for no meaningful reason, you might want to consider the following few details.

Parents: Your finances could be impacted by your child's actions

As a parent of a teenager who has committed a crime, one thing you may want to know is if you'll be held accountable for your child's actions. For the most part, parents will not be held accountable for the actions of their children until their children reach the ages of 8 to 10 and after their children exceed the age of majority.

Children, or juveniles, could face charges for both criminal and civil offenses. Civil cases may end up filed against them for financial compensation, while criminal cases could result because of a violation of criminal law. Both can result in repercussions, some of which may involve the parents.

Back-to-school safety tips for kids and young drivers

In a matter of weeks, kids across Pennsylvania will be settling into a new school year. This can mean new schedules, new teachers and possibly entirely new schools. 

However, one thing that remains the same every year is the importance of being safe while going to and from schools. Whether your child drives, buses or walks to school, it is crucial that you discuss with them how to stay safe this year.

Don’t forget to do these things after a car accident

Being part of a car accident is a traumatic experience, especially in the event that you suffer a serious injury. With so many things going on around you, from other vehicles to police sirens, it's not always easy to remain calm and take all the right steps.

Fortunately, if you have advanced knowledge of what you should do in the event of a car accident, it's much easier to avoid overlooking something of importance.

Avoiding probation violations critical in Pennsylvania

A criminal conviction is devastating. It can mean jail time, a lengthy prison sentence, fines and other penalties that affect a person's family, finances and future. Even if a person receives probation as part of a sentence, it can be quite some time before he or she can put the unfortunate situation behind them.

It can become even more difficult to do this if you are accused and convicted of a probation violation. Not only could you face penalties for the violation, the courts could also order you to fulfill the terms of your original sentence. As such, it is crucial that you avoid any probation violations, including those we discuss below.

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