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4 places to look for hidden assets during a divorce

By the time two people are getting divorced, they have likely struggled through months or even years of not liking or trusting each other. This creates some common problems during the legal process.

For instance, if you and your soon-to-be ex don't trust each other, then you could be dealing with fears or allegations of hidden assets. If you have reason to believe your spouse is attempting to shield property or money from the division process, then you may want to start looking in some common places.

Driving while tired can be as dangerous as driving drunk

Most people know that distracted and impaired drivers are a serious source of risk on the road. Studies show that an increasing number of people indulge in unnecessary distractions while driving motor vehicles, including using mobile devices. However, another risk factor that far too many people overlook when it comes to traffic safety is the danger of driving while fatigued.

Drowsy drivers are a serious risk to everyone else on the road. You may not worry about people who drive while tired — but you should. You should also commit yourself to not getting behind the wheel when you're too tired to drive safely. While it can be difficult to determine if exhaustion played a role in a crash, driving while tired can absolutely lead to an otherwise preventable collision.

Cognitive distraction and the myth of multitasking

Odds are you have heard someone say they're good at multitasking. Maybe it was a coworker who often answers the phone while sending emails or going over the monthly budget. Maybe it was a study partner in college who liked to text, browse the internet and study two or three subjects simultaneously.

People honestly believe they can multitask. They believe they're good at it. And they're all wrong.

Why do innocent people plead guilty to criminal charges?

Did you know that about 95 percent of cases involving felonies end in guilty pleas from the defendant? This is according to a recent report from PBS News Hour

As staggering as this number seems, though, it is not an accurate indication of the number of people facing felony charges who are guilty. In fact, many of the people who decide to plead guilty before a trial are not guilty.

4 types of crimes that increase during the summer

There are many things that are more likely to happen in summer, like sunburns, thunderstorms and backyard barbecues. Unfortunately, certain crimes tend to happen more in summertime as well. 

Below, we examine some types of criminal offenses that increase during the summer. We also explain possible reasons for the increase and what you can do if you or a loved one is among those arrested for these offenses.

Parents: Why you should talk to your teens now about safe driving

Summer is right around the corner, and perhaps no one looks forward to this time of year more than teenagers. Summertime means no homework, less responsibility and a general sense of freedom.

However, it is important to remind teenagers that there are also risks associated with the summer months. For instance, did you know that the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer in terms of car accidents? 

Protect yourself and your future during a complex divorce

When you realize that you are headed for divorce, you may feel as though your life is in crisis mode, or a great sense of relief, or some combination of these things and many other emotions. However you respond to this shift in your life, it is wise to begin building your divorce strategy as quickly and efficiently as you can.

Even if you and your spouse split on amicable terms, you have a responsibility to protect your rights and priorities in your divorce. After all, if you do not, then who will? Your spouse understandably has his or her interests at heart. Protecting your own interests in divorce is not cynical or calculating, it is your responsibility to yourself.

What makes eyewitness testimony unreliable?

If you are accused of a criminal offense, you are probably very scared and unsure of what to expect. You can be especially frightened if the prosecutors or police tell you that they have an eyewitness prepared to testify against you.

In these situations, you might think that there is no way to defend yourself when someone else says they saw you commit a crime. However, it is crucial to understand that eyewitness testimony is far from perfect.

What factors do courts consider before awarding custody?

Custody disputes can be among the most contentious and upsetting issues in family law. Not only can parents feel scared and angry about sharing (or possibly losing) custody of their children, but children can also feel frightened by such changes.

One way that parents can alleviate some of the anxiety and fear in these situations is to familiarize themselves with the process so that they can know what to expect. For instance, if a custody case goes before the courts in Pennsylvania, they will take into account numerous factors before awarding custody.

Don't underestimate the toll of criminal charges in Pennsylvania

When people make a small mistake or seemingly harmless bad decision, they typically don't expect it to haunt them months or years later. Unfortunately, that can and does happen when that misstep is a criminal offense. 

For instance, failing to pay your E-ZPass tolls in Pennsylvania may not seem like it warrants criminal charges. However, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is cracking down on toll violations across the state, and so far, they have opened more than 120 criminal cases against egregious toll violators. 

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