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3 factors that can increase chances of prosecution for tax crimes

Tax Day is here and people are scrambling to submit their returns to avoid the hefty penalties of not filing on time. However, tax-related issues could still plague people long after this deadline, especially for someone accused of tax evasion or fraud.

Failure to file tax returns is a serious federal offense that comes with serious penalties for a conviction. However, not all cases are the same. Some people may receive a more lenient penalty and an option to repay unpaid taxes. Other people, however, face aggressive prosecution and maximum penalties. Below, we explain some of the factors that can increase the likelihood of being in the latter group.

My ex earns a lot of money: Will I collect alimony?

It is said that money cannot buy happiness, and affluent couples going through a divorce probably appreciate this as much as anyone else. In fact, in many ways, money can complicate a divorce because there is more at stake.

For instance, if you are divorcing someone who earns a lot of money and supported you during your marriage, securing alimony could be a top priority for you. This process can be more complicated than people realize, so it can help to understand some of the basic elements of alimony in Pennsylvania.

Are parents liable for a child’s drug crime?

As a parent, you probably expect your child to get into some forms of trouble as they grow into adulthood, but, of course, hope that this trouble is relatively tame and not criminal in nature. However, when you receive the phone call or knock at the door informing you that your child committed a drug crime, it is certainly normal to be very concerned about this variety of trouble.

Drug crimes committed by minors may carry legal consequences not only for the child, but potentially for the parent as well, depending on the nature of the crime and the direct or indirect nature of the parent's involvement. If your child recently received drug charges, you have numerous reasons to take the matter seriously and build a strong legal defense as quickly and effectively as you can.

3 issues that can arise from Miranda rights

"You have the right to remain silent," according to our Miranda rights, and the right to an attorney. Many adults are generally familiar with these phrases. Even without hearing them in person, we often hear them recited in countless movies and TV shows. 

However, in the context of an actual arrest and police questioning, it can be easy to get confused or misled by police with regard to these rights. And unfortunately, violations can occur without you realizing it, especially when you are in a stressful situation.

3 common injuries you should not ignore after a crash

When people think about car accidents, they often imagine one of two extreme situations: either a fender bender or fatal crash. However, most collisions fall somewhere between being a minor scrape and a major catastrophe.

In these situations, injuries may not be obviously severe, but there is likely some amount of pain victims experience. In this post, we will briefly examine a few types of common injuries that may not seem serious right away, but they have the potential to be or become more serious than people expect.

Should parents be penalized for their child's misconduct?

Bullying is an issue we are reading about more and more. In all its forms, bullying can be emotionally damaging and physically harmful to an alleged victim. As such, people can face criminal charges for offenses including harassment, hazing and cyberbullying in Pennsylvania. 

However, many of the people involved in bullying are young children, and they often engage in this behavior online or in school. In other words, they are typically away from their parents. But recently, a Pennsylvania lawmaker proposed a bill to hold parents accountable if their child is caught bullying.

What happens with your marital home in a Pennsylvania divorce?

Divorce is different in every state, and each couple's divorce is inherently unique. That means that there is no simple, straightforward answer for the majority of concerns about the divorce process. When it comes to something as complex as how the courts handle your home, it's generally impossible to predict the exact outcome of court-based divorces. Just because you've heard a story about one divorce doesn't mean that your outcome will be the same.

Given that your marital home is one of the biggest purchases and investments of your life, it's only natural to want to know what will happen with your home. Thankfully, by familiarizing yourself with Pennsylvania state laws about equitable distribution and divorce, you can at least understand the most likely outcomes.

Don't rely on luck to avoid drunk driving accidents this weekend

This year, St. Patrick's Day falls on a weekend, which means countless people across Pennsylvania will be taking the opportunity to celebrate. For many, this means donning green and enjoying at least a few green alcoholic beverages.

Sadly, this celebration could turn to devastation if an intoxicated person gets behind the wheel. Below, we offer a few suggestions to help people avoid drunk driving accidents this weekend.

Popular synthetic drugs are as illegal as the real thing

In the last decade, many new designer and synthetic drugs have seen a rise in popularity. Herbal incense, also called K2 or Spice, as well as bath salts, Flakka and Molly have all become sought-after products. Many companies have intentionally mislead consumers to believe these substances are actually legal, unlike the banned substances they mimic. The fact that many of them do not turn up in standard drug tests only worsened this perception.

Additionally, there is an unfortunate belief among consumers that availability for purchase equates to safety. However, as these products are often not tested or standardized, they are inherently dangerous to consumers, who may have no idea what they are really purchasing. Whether you're a college student looking for spring break fun or an adult who needs to pass a drug test, you need to know synthetic drugs are illegal in Pennsylvania.

Students: Don’t make these spring break mistakes

College students across Pennsylvania are on spring break now or their break is just around the corner. This weeklong vacation gives students the opportunity to relax and regroup before the final push of the academic year.

However, instead of being fun and relaxing, spring break could prove to be extremely stressful and scary if a student winds up with a criminal charge. As such, we encourage students and their parents to avoid the following legal missteps when they are on vacation.

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