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At least 1 injured in turnpike crash over weekend

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | car accidents |

After a car accident on the westbound lanes of the Pennsylvania Turnpike over the weekend, those westbound lanes had to be closed as emergency responders arrived on the scene and investigated the crash. A 51-year-old woman was injured in the crash, however the extent of her injuries is unknown. Two passengers in her vehicle — a 52-year-old and a 50-year-old — may have been injured, but few details have been made available.

What appears to have happened is the 51-year-old was driving her Honda Fit down the turnpike when she attempted to switch lanes in front of a tractor trailer. But as she changed lanes, the tractor trailer tried to avoid her. This caused the truck to hit the median and ultimately collide with the Honda Fit, leading to the crash.

This seems like either a true “accident” or a crash that was caused by an improper lane change by the 51-year-old driving the Honda Fit. The police are leaning towards the latter, and that could leave the 51-year-old liable in this particular crash.

But in a general sense, crashes like this often take some time to fully investigate. The police report for these crashes holds critical information that the victims of the crash could ultimately use to support any legal claims they may make against the at-fault members of the crash.

Additionally, tractor trailers are inherently large, heavy, and dangerous vehicles out on the road. In this particular case the truck may not be at fault — but trucks are at fault in many other crashes every year around the United States.

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