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Fighting For You And Your Rights


In most cases, if you are arrested and charged with committing a misdemeanor or felony crime in Pennsylvania, those charges will be at the state level. Possible criminal penalties may include the payment of fines, serving time behind bars, loss of driving privileges, probation and mandatory participation in alcohol or drug education classes.

In addition to the statutory penalties, a criminal conviction can result in problems with personal relationships, a job loss and financial hardships. At Campana, Hoffa & Morrone, P.C., we understand what’s at stake and work tirelessly to defend against the charges you face and to ensure that your rights are being respected.

We represent individuals who are facing prosecution at the state level for offenses including:

  • Drug possession and trafficking — marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs
  • Sex offenses — indecent exposure, sexual assault, lewd conduct
  • Property crimes — theft, robbery, burglary
  • Violent crimes — vehicular homicide, assault and battery, domestic violence
  • Juvenile crimes — underage drinking, shoplifting, assault
  • State white collar crimes — forgery, employee theft, embezzlement

We Understand That The Stakes Are High

When you come to us for help with your case, we listen. We want to hear your side of what transpired. It’s often through these initial conversations that we discover elements which become key to our defense strategy. We never lose sight of the fact that this is your case, and we always keep you informed about what’s happening and present you with the information you need to understand and weigh your options.

Through this approach, we have helped win the dismissal and reduction of criminal charges at the state level as well as negotiated favorable plea deals. We always stand by you and act in your best interests.

If you have been arrested on state misdemeanor or felony charges, call our Williamsport law office at 570-279-4163 or write to us using our online contact form.