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Challenging drug charges can include challenging substance

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | state criminal charges | 0 comments

When people think about drug charges, they often expect these cases to involve marijuana, heroin, cocaine or illegal prescription drugs. However, there are people who have faced drug charges for substances that are neither drugs nor illegal.

In the past, people have been accused of drug charges based on substances that ultimately turned out to be drywall dust or cat litter. A more recent example involves three men were accused of drug possession after police arrested them for possession 1 million doses of fentanyl. But after an investigation, the charges were dropped.

According to reports, the substance in question was not actually fentanyl but an analog of the drug that differed from fentanyl by one molecule. Because the substance was not exactly the same as fentanyl, the charges against the men were dropped.

There are a few important things that readers here in Pennsylvania can take away from this case.

First, readers should understand that similar cases might not end up this way for someone facing federal drug charges. In accordance with federal drug laws, chemicals that are very similar to controlled substances can still be treated as controlled substances if they are intended for human consumption, even if they are chemically different.

Second is the importance of a thorough investigation. During the search of a person’s home, car or body, police can come across substances they believe to be illegal. An investigation should be conducted in order to confirm whether the substance is, in fact, illegal.

Finally, remember that legal counsel can be crucial in the event that you are facing drug charges, even if the substance in question is not technically an illegal drug. Under these circumstances, it can be crucial to have the support and advice of someone experienced in conducting criminal investigations as well as challenging state and federal drug charges, as these can be the basis of a strong defense.