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3 social media mistakes that can cause problems during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2018 | high asset divorce | 0 comments

Hundreds of millions of people use social media, whether they are scrolling through their Facebook news feed or updating their story on Snapchat.

While using social media might seem like a harmless way to pass time or connect with others, it is crucial to use it wisely — particularly if you are going through a divorce. As this Forbes article details, your social media behaviors and statements could work against you when it comes to matters like dividing assets, child custody and spousal support.

Below are a few ways that your use of social media could adversely affect you and your divorce settlement.

  1. It can contradict your statements in court. During a divorce, you must submit an accurate and full disclosure of your financial resources. If you state that you have limited income or you petition for spousal support but then share pictures of you on vacation or a new car you plan to purchase, you could contradict yourself. This can lead to an in-depth investigation into your finances and serious legal consequences.
  2. It might show another side of you. During a divorce, people might say or do things they wouldn’t say or do under normal circumstances. And they may be on their best behavior in front of a judge. However, if you then get on Facebook and start making threats, being disrespectful or lash out in anger, that information can get back to the courts and show them a whole different side you might not want them to see.
  3. It can upset your ex. People can cause even more problems by sharing intimate details of their ex online, bragging about new romantic partners or otherwise trying to provoke a former spouse. While you may have little or no interest in placating your ex, making him or her angrier or more upset on social media can cause unnecessary pain and animosity.

Before you make these and other mistakes online during a divorce, it can be wise to discuss how social media behaviors can affect your case with your attorney.