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How can drowsy driving hurt you?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents | 0 comments

Drivers in Pennsylvania have likely heard of drowsy driving, but do you know what it means? Do drivers understand exactly how dangerous drowsy driving can be? Do you know what impact it can have on everyone’s safety? 

Drowsy driving is unfortunately common as far as distracted driving behaviors go. This may be due in part because it is not as criticized as drunk driving or texting while driving. Additionally, modern society is set up in a way to encourage drowsy driving. Some consider it an inevitability. Many people accept that they will be driving without enough sleep due to the long hours they work. 

Unfortunately, drowsy drivers pose as much danger as other distracted drivers, if not more. Those who fall asleep at the wheel are completely incapable of reacting to their surroundings. The crashes they get involved in are more likely to result in severe injury. This is because they cannot take measures to counteract any dangers they may run into. 

Even if a driver manages to stay awake, this does not mean they do not pose a hazard. Drowsy drivers have slower reaction times along with lowered coordination and reflexes. They are less likely to spot dangers. Even if they see trouble coming, many are not able to react quickly enough. 

If you are curious to read more about motor vehicle accidents and their causes, take a look at our web page. As you continue learning more, you can take a look into the factors that cause crashes. This includes drowsy driving, and other variations of distracted driving.