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When can you relocate with your children?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | family law | 0 comments

Parents who share custody or parenting time need to go through the right legal channels before planning a big move. If you have an existing court order that grants your children’s other parent the right to spend time with your children, you need to petition for a modification to your parenting plan.

Under Pennsylvania law about relocation, a court will not approve an order that separates children from a parent over his or her objection unless there is a good reason for relocating. Here are some reasons why a court may authorize a move.

Employment opportunities

You may be able to petition to move if you need to relocate for work. The desire to take a better position in another region could justify moving.

Closeness to other family members

Single parents may need help from a support network to care for their children. Moving near family members who can help you with childcare may be in your children’s best interests, particularly if they can offer more assistance than your former spouse.

Children’s needs

If the primary reason for a move is to benefit your children, you may have a strong position in court. Being able to send your children to a better school or moving somewhere that your child will receive special needed medical care could be support for a petition to relocate.

Ultimately, you need to demonstrate that moving will serve your children’s best interests. A court will weigh the benefits of a move against the negative effects of depriving your children of time with their other parent.