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high asset divorce Archives

My ex earns a lot of money: Will I collect alimony?

It is said that money cannot buy happiness, and affluent couples going through a divorce probably appreciate this as much as anyone else. In fact, in many ways, money can complicate a divorce because there is more at stake.

What happens to pets in a Pennsylvania divorce?

Affluent couples face a number of challenges when it comes to divorce, particularly with regard to the property division process. Because there may be a lot of money and pricey assets on the line, this step can be highly contentious and complicated.

Is my prenuptial agreement valid?

It is becoming increasingly common for couples to sign prenuptial agreements today. While there has historically been a sense of mystery and exclusivity that accompanied these legal tools, couples today recognize the value of protecting themselves with a prenup, even if they aren't celebrities and don't have millions of dollars.

What constitutes an 'equitable' distribution of assets?

When couples divorce, the process of dividing assets can be the greatest obstacle they need to overcome. This is particularly true if there are significant assets at stake.

What kind of custody can Pennsylvania courts award?

There is a reason why many people refer to custody disputes as battles; they can be painful, scary and upsetting for any parent. In some cases, you can minimize the contention and conflict by resolving custody matters outside of court through mediation.

5 questions to ask before petitioning for spousal support

One of the main concerns people have during their divorce is whether they will be financially secure when the divorce is finalized. They worry about how they will pay their rent or mortgage, their medical bills, childcare expenses and car payments. They also think about what types adjustments they will have to make to their lifestyle.

Is it ever okay to hide assets during a divorce?

The answer to the question in this headline is no. There are not circumstances under which it is wise to hide or otherwise misrepresent your assets or liabilities during a divorce. In fact, doing so could result in severe legal ramifications.

Is all my property eligible for division in my divorce?

One of the first things people start worrying about after filing for divorce is how the divorce will affect them financially. This is understandable, as the financial toll of dividing assets can prove to be considerable, especially if there is a lot of money and property on the line.

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