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1 sign your marriage could be headed for divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | high asset divorce | 0 comments

Self-improvement, learning new things, fun hobbies, healthy diets and vigorous exercise regimes are usually an excellent sign that someone is taking control of his or her life to find greater enjoyment and health. However, in the case of a marriage that’s been on the rocks for some time, when one spouse starts making a lot of radical changes to improve his or her health and/or appearance, it might be a sign that the marriage is headed for a divorce.

According to many marriage counselors, some spouses will start to improve their appearances and make other important changes as a way of “preparing for single life” well before they actually separate from their spouses. Spouses might start hitting the gym, get hair transplant surgery, undergo various cosmetic surgery procedures – or make other kinds of radical appearance adjustments — to “renovate” themselves and make themselves more attractive to new intimate partners. The lesser-moneyed spouse in a marriage might engage in a new educational program or career – or simply go out and get a job — so they can become financially independent of the spouse who is a primary supporter of the family.

Sometimes, spouses start making these kinds of moves unconsciously when they’re ready for their marriages to end – and sometimes it’s quite deliberate. Regardless of the situation in your case, have you made radical changes or has your spouse made radical changes in preparation for divorce? Perhaps it’s time for you to discuss your situation with a qualified divorce attorney to determine your marital property rights and to decide whether you’re fully ready to dissolve your marriage.