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DUI charges affect minors severely in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2018 | state criminal charges | 0 comments

As a parent of a child who has made a serious mistake, the only thing you want to know is that your child won’t be unfairly penalized. If your child has been caught drinking and driving, he or she may face serious allegations and charges. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make sure your child is treated fairly and that he or she receives the help needed.

Pennsylvania has zero-tolerance laws for those under the age of 21. That means that your child may not possess, purchase or drink alcohol while under the age of 21 except for in very few situations. For instance, your child may partake in alcohol if it’s part of a religious ceremony or if it’s at home with a parent or guardian present. If your child faces charges for a DUI following a religious event or other approved activity, then he or she may have a good defense against the charges.

What kinds of penalties do people face for DUIs in Pennsylvania?

For general impairment, people face misdemeanors for a DUI in Pennsylvania. If your child is underage, your child may need to go through alcohol abuse treatment or alcohol highway safety school. A $300 is typical for first offenses, while individuals may also be on a six-month probationary period following conviction. If this is not your child’s first offense, then the penalties may become more severe.

Depending on the amount of alcohol in your child’s system, an ignition interlock device may be ordered or he or she may lose his or her license for a period of time. Usually, if your child needs to work or drive to attend school, there are ways to obtain occupational licenses after a period of time passes. Don’t rely on that, however, since the right to a license may rely on a judge’s opinion on the situation.

DUIs make your child’s life much harder. Take the time to talk about DUIs and how to avoid drunk driving to prevent facing these penalties.