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What can people accused of selling cocaine face in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | state criminal charges | 0 comments

Being accused of cocaine crimes in Pennsylvania can expose a person to serious potential penalties. The potential consequences can be particularly harsh if a person is accused of having sold cocaine.

Here in Pennsylvania, selling cocaine is a felony offense, regardless of the amount sold. In comparison, simple possession of cocaine is generally a misdemeanor.

So, the penalties for conviction are much higher for the sale of cocaine.

For example, the maximum prison sentence that can be given for a first offense of selling cocaine is 15 years. It is only one year for a first offense of simple possession.

Also, the general maximum fine for a first conviction of selling cocaine is $250,000. It is only $5,000 for a first conviction of simple possession. As a note, the fine for cocaine sale can go beyond $250,000 if a court deems this necessary for recovering drug profits.

The penalties for selling cocaine can be even higher if a person has at least one prior cocaine sale conviction on his or her record or was found to have sold to a minor. In either circumstance, the potential max penalties are doubled.

So, being accused of selling cocaine here in Pennsylvania can leave individuals facing felony charges that lead to life-altering punishments. So, when facing such charges, individuals may have many questions about what they can do to contest the charges and try to minimize the potential harm the charges could cause. Skilled criminal defense attorneys can provide answers to such questions and help individuals accused of selling cocaine with protecting their future.