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Preparing children for college

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | family law | 0 comments

Although many begin their scholastic journey with the best of intentions, often, young adults are not fully prepared for the introduction to diversity in cultures and lifestyles they receive on a college campus. 

Fraternity and sorority life is just one aspect of campus culture with the ability to alter a young person’s social dynamics before the end of the first semester. Exposure to drugs, alcohol and regular attendance of parties can result in unexpected criminal charges that may potentially side-line a child’s future. 

Walk the walk 

As children leave the nest, there is a sobering moment when parents realize they will not be at their side when the young people may need them most. Additionally, violence on campus is on the rise. This is no time for second-guessing parenting skills. Parents have to trust that students will continue to grow into the well-educated young adults they taught them to be. 

Have the talk 

Before packing young adults off to the college dorm, parents should review their knowledge of the bylaws for campus life. Additionally, those with their own vehicles must be diligent about local traffic and curfew laws as well as campus by-laws for student drivers. Parents should state their expectations regarding curfew, alcohol and drug use and review emergency contact information for accuracy. 

Know the plan 

Hoping for the best while preparing for the worst is a strategy that many parents adopt. Collegiate life has the potential to be legally challenging as students often encounter many moral and legal conflicts for the first time, including: 

  • Weapon violence 
  • Illegal drug use, sale and possession 
  • Illegal alcohol use 
  • Hate and bullying-related incidents 
  • Burglary and robbery  
  • Personal injury 
  • Property damage 

Parents should give their young adults the right tools to succeed, including a clear understanding of their legal rights and obligations. Chances are good that students and parents alike will reap the rewards of a successful higher learning experience.