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Sessions announces plans to target drug cartel

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | federal criminal charges | 0 comments

Ever since a war was declared on drugs in the U.S., drug-related crimes have been among the most aggressively prosecuted crimes on both the state and federal levels. There seems to be no end in sight, either.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced plans to ramp up efforts to target drug traffickers and others in an effort to put away anyone with ties to the MS-13 drug cartel. Sessions says he has put a task force in place with the intent of prioritizing investigations and arrests for anyone believed to be connected to the cartel.

What this means for people here in Pennsylvania is that law enforcement agencies can be motivated to be particularly aggressive when it comes to making arrests and looking for possible connections related to drug trafficking.

It also means that the weight of numerous federal agencies can come down on individuals charged with serious drug offenses. In other words, the DEA, FBI, immigration officials and even the Post Service Inspectors can all be involved in building a case against alleged drug criminals.

If you or a loved one is arrested for any drug-related crime, understand that the situation can quickly escalate if authorities have reason to suspect an individual has ties to an international drug cartel. Federal authorities can take over an investigation and a person could be looking at much harsher penalties and the massive resources available to the federal government.

Under these circumstances, it is crucial for people to exercise their rights to have legal representation. Having the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney can help people challenge unlawful searches, avoid incriminating statements and negotiate plea bargains that can lead to dismissed or reduced charges and penalties.